Jeju Olle trail route 9 to 10

The distance of route 9 to 10 is about 25 km through a small mountain that it takes 7-8 hours. Route 9 starts at Daepyeong Pogu (port) and route 10 ends at Mosulpo Hang (harbour)

Always you have to prepare refreshments and water before Olle trail that prevents your physical exhaustion because there is hard to find a shop in the middle of trail routes.


There are many small ports (Pogu in Korean) in Jeju.


Trail route signs are blue/orange colored ribbons and blue/orang arrows on the rock, road, telephone pole and so on. The blue means forward direction and orange shows a reverse direction.

The beautiful scene of route 9 on the mountain (regular course of route 9) when i  looked back.


The road to mountain Songak and a nature walk.

As shown above, route 10 is perfect for a driving and trail with a beautiful scenery.