Makgeolli, turbid rice-wine (막걸리)

Traditional Korean wine for commoner. Almost white colored farmer’s wine. It is helpful for thirst and hunger. Advertisements

Beopju Temple (법주사)

Korean Traditional Totem Pole

Koreans have erected guardian poles. The picture shows a kind of village guardian pole that is called Changseung. It has a deformed human face on the top of the pole and some letters… Continue reading

Calmly Yellow


In sight photography #8 I took a picture of the apartments from balcony, where i live. It was a lovely sunny day!

Yeombul Temple (염불사)

In sight photography #7 On Friday, i was climbing Samsung mountain. There was an Yeombul temple what make me take a picture. Trail route to Yeombul Temple. Little unnamed temple.

Young Monks

In sight photography #6


In sight photography #5

A small world

In sight photography #4

A countryside

In sight photography #3

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